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mardi 22 septembre 2009


ETA 09-23-09 : here message from darlton themself !!! that's so amazing to think they created this place and will post with us during the LU ! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ! :D

the thread was created by Carlton (seem like they were part of everything we got from the LU)
Carlton : Good, I'm glad everybody likes it. In approximately two short months everything will be up and running. As for the Blu-Ray dilemma, we are working on alternate solutions for those of you who don't have a Blu-Ray player or a PS3. Again, thanks to all of the Lost fans who keep us going. I'll keep you all updated on any information about either the Season 5 Lost DVD's, or any other questions you have REGARDING LOST UNIVERSITY, NOT our TV show. But stay hungry for some more invigorating Lost, early 2010. Inquisitiveness is golden. Thanks again, Carlton.

Damon : Greetings Carlton. I find it very ironic that I can't fit my whole name as my username on my own site. Anyways, I just wanted to say again, as Carlton said, thank you all for your support Lost fans. Without you, we wouldn't of had the opportunity to continue with Lost. Thanks everybody and we WILL be posting updated information about all of your LU concerns. -Damon

source : LU

I'm since today so i post the link if you wanna join me :)
classes will start in december (around 8th if i'm right)
and here the first vid we got call LOST 101

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