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jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Ian interview concerning his return on LOST

Ian did an interview for Eonline about Damon (vampire diaries) but also spoke a bit about the return of booboone, his wish for his character !


Do you mind if we talk about Lost a little bit?
Not at all. I'm literally in Hawaii now. I just landed.

How much are you going to shoot?
I don't know that much. That's the funny thing. I'm going to do several episodes, and [laughs] that's basically all I know.

What do you want the fans to see of Boone that they didn't get to see the past few seasons?
I think that due to Boone's untimely death, I don't think anyone really got to see that there was strength in him, that there was goodness in him that went beyond his obsession with taking care of Shannon. I think that he had a life for himself. There were good things that Boone had to give the world, and I don't think he really get a chance to explore those things. Maybe, just maybe—I'm not sure—maybe we'll get to see a more-relaxed Boone. Maybe we'll get to see a Boone who's just happy. But who knows? I don't know. I really don't know.

Do you think we might see Boone and Shannon together again?
Yeah, that would be great.

Have you seen Maggie Grace at all?
Oh yeah. Absolutely. Maggie and I live very near to each other in California, and we're very, very close friends.


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