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jeudi 17 septembre 2009

Kate's centric confirmed and title revealed !

Update 09-18-09 : title for this episode "What Kate does" thanks darkufo blog

Update :
Seem ausiello made mistake last night, it's finally episode 6x03

Hi guys, I wake up to read ausiello confirmed epi 6x06 will be kate's centric !
Question: Lost scoop?! —Jarrod
Grab your season 6 scorecards and in the box next to episode 6 write, “Kate-centric."

source : ew

My opinion : ok what does it mean ? why we know for epi 6x06 before all centrics ? Let's me remind you the past years and darlton"s choice. If darlton said it to ausiello and not about epi 6x01,6x02,6x03,6x04 or even 6x05 you can bet this episode will be a BIG episode for kate !
Maybe related to Claire and Aaron, Maybe related to kate's love life (a little resolution in the air ?) who can know yet ! but think of the way promotion started on the past and WHICH episodes darlton wanted us to know at first and you'll see WHY i think it :)

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Hi everyen, thanx a lot for this article ........ This is what I was lokoign for.