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lundi 15 septembre 2008

Could Fringe Outshine Lost?

Question: I truly believe that Fringe has the ability to outshine Lost, and here is why: Lost's success has always been based on its masterful storytelling and various layers of mystery. It is more a case study on the supernatural and how the supernatural affects people in a variety of ways. Fringe, however, if done correctly, has the ability to harness all of the things that Lost does, but lay it out in a very X-Files way. So what you are left with are the talents of storytelling and layers with "monsters of the week." Taking the strengths of two shows and hopefully removing the confusion of conspiracy episodes (X-Files) and the monotony with which some stories unfold (Lost) could have a really brilliant effect. I am eager to see how the first season plays out. — Josh
Matt Roush: I'm dying to see more Fringe myself, but ooh, those are fighting words to so quickly predict it will trump Lost in appeal and impact. (From the opening week's numbers, it looks like Fringe could be a hit, but not on the scale of Lost's sensational first season, anyway. Which of course is no reflection on quality.) Lost is such an original, framing its survival story in character exploration while also playing with time in its flashbacks and flash-forwards, that it stands alone. Whereas Fringe, which I find to be very promising, has so many antecedents from The X-Files to Altered States to maybe even Frankenstein (depending on the sci-fi story of the week and who's ultimately playing God), that it's a genre geek's dream-come-true, for sure, but I'm not sure at this point that it can eclipse the achievement that Lost represents. Happily, I'm hoping both shows will coexist for a while, and we can reap the best of both imaginative worlds. But good for you in putting out such a positive early spin. This time of year, I'd rather hear that than the cynical alternative.

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