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mercredi 10 septembre 2008

Lost Alum to See More Killing in Captivity

Lost alum Harold Perrineau is far from the perils of the island these days. Yet, landlocked life may not be much safer. The actor will play a captive once again in the new thriller Killing Jar.

The movie, which began shooting over the weekend, centers on an armed man who takes seven people hostage at a roadside diner. Through the bloodshed, the group discovers that one of them might be more dangerous than their captor. Perrineau, who's also exec producing the film, is playing a traveling salesman, says the Reporter.

While the actor is perhaps best known for his turn as Michael on Lost, he's also no newcomer to film, with credits including 28 Days Later and Romeo + Juliet. — Anna Dimond

source : tv guide

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