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vendredi 12 septembre 2008

Lost vs. Fringe: Counting the Eerie Similarities

J.J. Abrams stresses the differences between Lost and his brand-new Fringe, but he’s not the only thing the two shows have in common. Here are a few similarities we’ve noticed — and these don’t even include tortured relationships with dad, scary corporations, and nice-looking casts:

Plane disasters: Lost’s Flight 815 crashes. Fringe’s plane lands after the passengers turn to gelatin. Which is worse? Tough call.

Misplaced animals: Lost has a polar bear on a tropical island. Fringe has a cow in a lab. Weirdly, the polar bear feels less out-of-place than the cow.

Lance Reddick: On Lost he plays a mystery man with inside knowledge about Flight 815. On Fringe he’s a mystery man with inside knowledge about Agent Olivia Dunham. Not a mystery: whether he was awesome on The Wire.

The living dead:
Lost has flashbacks and ghosts (possibly including Reddick’s Matthew Abbadon). Fringe has… Clones? Zombies? Stay tuned.

An institution: Hurley’s just gotten out of one on Lost; Walter Bishop is sprung from one on Fringe.

We're cool with the similarities so far, but if anyone around Bishop starts chanting 4-8-15-16-23-42 we're outta here. — Tim Molloy

source : tv guide

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