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lundi 1 septembre 2008

Lost set kate and hurley houses

The LOST Crew is busy setting up for a shoot later today and it seems like the filming will be for Episode 5x02.

Below are a couple of new set photos of a mansion where the crew is setting up and apparently it is near the homes that are used for Hurley's and Kate's homes.

As soon as we have more information or a set report, we will post it right away.

These are from Hawaii Blog and here is the caption that Ryan has posted with the pics:

"LOST" set up shop at a $4 million, five-bedroom home in Kahala. It's a block from Kate's house and two blocks from Hurley's mansion, but I don't think they've used this property before.

source : hawaii blog/

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thomasjeannerose a dit…

Hi I love your blog and I just want to know the adress of this mansion please. Sorry I'm french so my english is not very good. I hope you will answer me on this adress

thomasjeannerose a dit…

I finally find this house on google maps so I just want to share it . ( 21°15'54.13"N , 157°47'17.62"O)