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lundi 15 septembre 2008

Kristin's Emmy Predictions: Best Drama

Kristin's Emmy Predix: Best Drama

The Incumbent: The Sopranos

The Contenders:

* Boston Legal
* Damages
* Dexter
* House
* Lost
* Mad Men

Who Should Win: Sorry, Mad Men and Dexter. I love you. I really do. But I am in love with Lost. It, quite simply, has my heart. It can set that heart racing or make it stop beating, and well, three cheers for emotional manipulation. There is simply no other dramatic cast or TV series storyline in which I am more invested. Lost is quite simply the most interesting, obsession-worthy, affecting, intriguing, weird, fascinating, astonishing, epic and downright cool show on TV. The flash-forward reset was proof of the storytelling genius behind the series, and season four was thrilling from the first minute to the very last.

Who Will Win: With The Sopranos behemoth out of the way, it could be anybody's game. Dexter and Mad Men have limited audiences, despite their sterling quality. House is the most popular scripted series on television, and the excellent two-part season finale ("Wilson's Heart" and "House's Head") might push that series to the top, but I'm of the mind that international superstar Lost simply matters more to more people. True, it has not been nominated in this category since it won for season one, but I believe Lost still has plenty of fans among those who can submit Emmy ballots. For one thing, over the past few years, I've been to almost every "An Evening with..." series showcase that the Academy has hosted for members and TV industry insiders, and no other show has even remotely approached the sheer size and evident passion of Lost panel's audience during season three.

source : kristin at eonline

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