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vendredi 19 septembre 2008

Nominee Michael Emerson Talks Emmys and Lost

No one does evil like Michael Emerson.

Not only did he move the freaking Island in the latest Lost finale (still trying to wrap our heads around that one), his character, Benjamin Linus, is one of the most compelling TV villains of all time—who might not actually be a villain.

At this Sunday's Emmys, Michael is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor based on his heartbreaking and fascinating portrayal of Ben's transition from smug, self-righteous supervillain to devastated, guilt-stricken father in the episode "The Shape of Things to Come."

As he gears up for the big day, Emerson was kind enough to phone in—from, who knows, Tunisia?—to discuss his nomination (as well as the show's), along with a little insight into what's to come in season five of Lost...

source : emerson's interview at kristin eonline

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