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vendredi 5 septembre 2008

Daniel Dae Kim Spotted at DNC in Denver

Info for you, this event happened the 29th august but i was in late to do my update so sorry

Hawaii superblogger Ian Lind, who was covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver, sent along links to his photo gallery, which included a few shots of “LOST” star Daniel Dae Kim. He was one of many local and national celebrities that attended the event, and KGMB reporter Keahi Tucker interviewed Kim alongside Hawaii-born actress Kelly Hu.

He was also mentioned in this NPR piece, “Stars over the moon about Obama’s speech.” And CBS Youth Vote ‘08 blogger Jason Fisher chatted with him as well.

Of course, if Kim is in Denver, that means he’s not here in Honolulu, where filming for “LOST” has been chugging along for two weeks now. He’s definitely returning to the show… but perhaps not in the first couple of episodes.

source : ryan blog

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