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mardi 2 mars 2010

From Kristin

In case you haven't heard, Julie Bowen is made of 100 percent Awesome Sauce.

How do I know this? She actually threw her purse and gasped when I asked her the question on every Lost fan's mind: Who is the mother of Jack's (Matthew Fox) just-revealed son? (You gotta love a girl who loses her cool—especially when it comes to Lost!)

So who is the baby mama? Is it Julie's character Sara? Or Kate? Or Juliet? Rose? (OK, probably not.)

Keep reading for what a "scandalized" Julie (and see the purse toss!), as well as what executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have to say. Plus, much more scoop on shows like Modern Family, 90210, Grey's Anatomy and more...

Randy in New York: The mother of Jack's son David has to be Sara (Julie Bowen), right?

Sorry, love, but I have it on good authority that was not Julie in the photo. And the evidence is very much stacked against Julie Bowen being the mom:

* Exhibit A: Julie was clearly shocked to learn that Jack now has a son (see video above) when I talked to her at Friday's Paley Festival for Modern Family. "Wait a minute, that's my idea! Because I was so pregnant [when I last shot]! And you know what? I said that. I said, 'this baby should be Jack's.' And it is? [Gasps.] I am scandalized. Well, well, well. I am procreating here, there and everywhere. On celluloid and not." (She has three kids under the age of 3!)
* Exhibit B: Julie said she currently has no plans to return to Lost, and if they wanted her to come back for the mama reveal, she'd have to know by now, right? "I'm kind of busy," she said. "But I'm not too busy. I'm not too busy! Don't get me wrong, I would love to go back."
* Exhibit C: A deal would have to be in place for Julie to return, given that the finale script is being written right now. Damon Lindelof says: "We're enjoying Julie so much on Modern Family that to suck her back into the despair of Jack's life..." Ah, we got it. Score one for Clive! Looks like he gets to keep her.

All that said, Damon and Carlton told fans at the Paley event that the mother of Jack's son is someone we already know. And you know what that means? The comments section is yours for the taking! Juliet seems the obvious choice since David has blue eyes (and it'd be kinda awesome if she divorced Jack and then met Sawyer for that coffee), and Kate seems too young to have mothered him. But is there someone else we're forgetting? I am thinking of another certain someone who was on the show and seems a contender. I'll tell you who in tomorrow night's Lost Redux.

Matthew in Baltimore: Any ETA on how, when or if the two timelines on Lost will come together?
We can answer the "how" and "if" portion of your question with something Carlton Cuse told us this weekend: "We have two timelines we're exploring simultaneously, and when the audience understands how those two timelines connect, hopefully it will provide a satisfaction that will make you happy and give you what you want but not in the way you want it." As for that tricky "when," he'd only say this: "It's too much of a reveal, but let's say it won't happen until the very end of the show because that's obviously the big question of the season." Basically, plan on seeing lots of island Jack and Jack the Dad in episodes to come.

Marcus in Mass.: Do you know anything at all about the Lost finale? Anything?!
Those Lost folks stay so tight-lipped, but we did get show writer Elizabeth Sarnoff to say a word or two about the finale, and she gave us these: emotional and rewarding. "The end is really emotional, and that's what we're going for. These characters are the heart and soul of the show and we want to give them rewarding endings," explained Liz. Damon Lindelof, on the other hand, had only this to say regarding Lost's conclusion: "Water." And trust us, he was very serious about whatever this word means for the end. "It sounds funny now, but you'll see!" he promised.

Maggie in Helena, Mont.: This Richard Alpert episode of Lost can't come soon enough. Anything you can say about it?
We'll let Nestor Carbonell do the talking: "You're going to see mostly the origins of Richard in [episode nine]. They're going to tackle some of the present-day stuff on the island, but not much of it. You're going to get answers to why Richard has this sudden phobia of Locke and why it's as strong as it is." And there you have it.


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