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mercredi 10 mars 2010

From Kristin


Is Richard Alpert Good or Evil? When asked if we can safely assume that Richard is Team Jacob, Nestor Carbonell tells me "I don't know. I don't wanna wreck it. It's complicated." (Hmm...Did Richard tell Hurley not to believe a word Jacob says because he's swinging Team Black, or because he fears the man appearing to Hurley isn't really Jacob?)

You can see what Nestor has to say right here…

Nestor also promises: "I will not lie to you, episode 9, you're gonna get big reveals about the island. Episode 15, even more so." Remember, Michael Emerson told us of episode 15: "It's set in a time and place that you will never have seen on a network series before. When was the last time you saw a network drama episode that none of the series regulars were in the episode?" My money's on Jacob and the Man in Black. But where are they?

Aaron Is "Important"…But What About the Mother of Jack's Son? These questions are tackled in our latest round of "False, True or Hell No We Won't Tell You" with executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who are always good sports! (And yes, I'm aware that after tonight you already know who's coming back to the island: That other "W.")

Check out the video right here….

Damon and Carlton say that Claire's son Aaron is "important" and "definitely figures into the end of the show." Damon says we "will see Walt in some form again." And they wouldn't comment on whether Kate or Juliet might be the mother of Jack's baby. "Big one," Carlton says. "You're good, though. You're very good." My money's on Juliet!

That Four-Letter Word…For you who are still guessing the four-letter word that describes what the island is, here are the clues you know:

* It has one vowel.
* It has no A's and no E's.

And here's your new clue:

* Umm...Please don't whine that I can't say anything more right now! Sorry!


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