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mardi 2 mars 2010

Hiroyuki Sanada interview

At the end of last week's Lost, ABC pledged that so many secrets would be revealed in tonight's episode, "Sundown," that they couldn't even show us a preview. Sure, the show's promised answers and not delivered in the past — but this is the final season! They have to give us answers sometime! Tonight's episode will focus on Sayid, but also offer some clues on the personal history of Dogen, master of the Others' temple. Vulture spoke with Hiroyuki Sanada,who plays Dogen, about his character's mysterious past.

We know tonight's episode, "Sundown," is a Sayid-focused episode. We're assuming Dogen plays a role?
Yeah, I think it's a big moment for Dogen, too. Little by little, I think my past will reveal everything. It does focus on Sayid; his present and his sideways. And, also, we have a big scene together.

Lost's producers keep teasing fans by mentioning that Dogen holds a huge secret to the show. Any hints?
I don't know about the top secret, yet. But he has a key.

A key? Quite a few Lost fans are focusing on Dogen's necklace. Is that a key?
I cannot say. I mean "key" of the story ... or secret.

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