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mardi 9 mars 2010

From Kristin

Trudy in New York: Please, anything on Lost!

Check back for scoop from Damon and Carlton in tomorrow night's Lost Redux! But for now I can tell you we will meet Richard Alpert's (Nestor Carbonell) wife. (Yes, he has or had a missus!) Also, Zuleikha Robinson teases this of her character, Ilana: "There is a lot going on and yes, there will be some answers soon. I think the character is really interesting and she's definitely an important part of the group." We'll also see her interacting with Richard. Place your bets now!

Wendy: Is it confirmed what you said, that Ian Somerhalder will be seen on Lost again?

Yes, and see what he says about it in the video clip at top. He's hoping to meet up with Maggie Grace, and wants a better ending for Boone. Don't. We. All. (Maybe in the flash-sideways 'verse he and Shannon aren't step-related and can be together? Too weird? Yeah, probably.)


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