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mardi 9 mars 2010

From TvGuide

Feeling Lost?

Relax, it’s not just you. As answers start rolling in at an overwhelming pace in Lost’s final season, our skulls are similarly swirling. So we posed your queries to usually tight-lipped exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as to the show’s stars as they prepare to shoot their last two episodes ever.

Is it significant that Jacob met Hurley after he left the island as opposed to the other “candidates,” whom he met pre-crash? —Denise Nash, Islip, N.Y.
“I was wondering about that, too!” admits Jorge Garcia (Hurley). “If the people Jacob visited before the crash were drawn to the island because of his influence, then what would have drawn Hurley to the island?” Apollo Bars, maybe? Actually, says Lindelof, “the more operative question is ‘How long was Jacob watching Hurley?’”

Why was Sun the only one out of the Oceanic Six to not travel back to 1977? —Elizabeth, via e-mail
Yunjin Kim believes the motive was a practical one: “To delay Sun and Jin’s reunion,” she says. The good news: Kim says she has shot an on-island reunion scene with Jin, though “it is very brief but for a good reason.” Uh-oh.

If Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed and landed safely in Los Angeles, then are all those who died—Libby, Michael, Shannon—still alive? —Michael Davis, Bronx
In some instances, yes, as with Locke’s girlfriend Helen, Sayid’s love Nadia, Charlotte and Shannon, who is alive and will reappear toward the end of the season. But for folks like Michael and Libby, it ain’t looking good. “I’m still dead, dead, dead,” reveals Harold Perrineau, who recently shot two upcoming island scenes with Garcia where they discuss Libby.

The date on Claire’s ultrasound— as seen in the Season 6 premiere—says 10-22-04. Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on 9-22-04. Where did the month go? —Victoria Caruso, Valley Stream, N.Y.
“Actually, that was her due date,” clarifies Lindelof.

If the castaways traveled forward in time after the bomb, how is the VW van still in mint condition? It should have aged! —Connie Dirig, Ind.
“Unlike in the Terminator movies, when we time travel, we travel with our clothes on—which is a good thing,” says Garcia with a laugh. “So I guess if we were in contact with the van at the time, it’s possible the van came with us. Or perhaps just the island traveled, as we stayed exactly where we were, like Juliet, who ended up in more or less the same spot—just a little more messed up.” (As in dead!)

Last we saw Vincent, he was with Rose and Bernard. Where is he now? And where is he in the alternate reality? —April Pedersen, via e-mail
Lindelof confirms the last time we saw this happy island family, they were living peacefully in 1977. But, says Cuse, “All we can say is you’ll see Vincent again in the course of the show, and we promise he’ll have a happy ending.”

In the flash-sideways, Locke’s dad, Cooper, is invited to Locke and Helen’s wedding. So how did Locke get paralyzed? —Pamela, via e-mail
Cuse and Lindelof love this question and hint that we may be seeing Cooper again as well as learn just how Locke was paralyzed. “It’s obviously something different,” says Cuse. “Since you don’t invite kidney-stealing con men who pushed you out of fourth-story windows to your wedding!”

What’s the deal with Walt? I believe he was one of the only nondead characters whose apparition appeared on the island. —Megan W., Lansdowne, Pa.
All Lindelof will say is that Walt is a character who has “special abilities.” Whether that apparition was the actual Walt or the Smoke Monster is “to be determined.” BTW, Cuse adds that they are conceptualizing a way to reintroduce Walt before the show’s end. Yay!

In his alternate reality, Jack has a son named David. But who is the kid’s mother? —Trent, via e-mail
Presumably Jack’s wife, Sarah—at least that’s what actress Julie Bowen expects. “If I’m not the mom, I’ll feel betrayed!” says Bowen. “Who the hell was he sleeping with?” We may soon find out for sure since Bowen is headed to Hawaii this month to shoot a special episode of her ABC sitcom, Modern Family. “It has been challenging to get her back in the show because of Modern Family, but it seems extremely nice that she’s going to be in Hawaii…” Cuse says cryptically.

I was surprised/shocked Kate’s name was crossed out in the cave but then her name popped up on the dial in the lighthouse. What’s up with that?— Lyly Ford, France
The real question, says Lindelof, is: “What is the relationship between the lighthouse and the cave? There are several possibilities.”

I don’t trust MIB, but it does seem like everyone is happier in the alternate reality without the Island. What’s up with that? —Denise, via e-mail
Sorry Denise. The cast doesn't seem to share your assumption. For instance, Yunjin Kim says Sun will start off seemingly happy in her alternate world, “but I can’t say she ends up being happy.”

So will we ever learn why women couldn’t carry babies to term on the island? Isn’t that the whole reason Juliet was brought over by Dharma in the first place?—Jean B., via e-mail
Lindelof says the show is not going to specifically state why, however, “we feel like we’ve given you the empirical data so you can figure it out for yourself.” Hmm… a little more help please for the clueless? “Clearly Ethan was born on the island in 1977,” continues Lindelof. “That’s the last baby that we know of who was born on the island. And then something happened between 1977 and when our show takes place in 2004 (when Claire arrived eight months pregnant) where it’s been a long time since women have been able to have babies on the island. What might have happened between those two points that could have created fertility issues?”

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