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mardi 16 mars 2010

My review on "Lighthouse"

Better late than never uh ?

First i was too much amazed by “Sundown” to finish it lol but i said I have to lol so voila my review on “Lighthouse”.

I’m not big fan of Jack, it’s not his storyline it’s most the character but he’s important for the show even thought this episode for me don’t give us more clue than “The Substitute” (sorry Jack’s fans)

I’ll start with the FS

It wasn’t a shock to learn Jack has a kid since i knew it lol (i stopped spoilers around 604-605) but i think it was for the audience. In this other life we can see Jack isn’t broken man even thought he’s not with David’s mom anymore but he has the same father/son issue than he have had with Christian then Locke.

The episode started with Jack wondering about his appendix, of course it was echo from the island story where we saw what happened in season4 when Juliet operated him, does it mean we’ve another “hint” of “deja vu” by Jack ?

Probably but at the same it was more an hint about Jack ex wife.

What we learnt from the FS is jack was married (or is still but separated from David’s mother for now) and he have had probably issue with alcohol, why I think it ‘cause about his convo with Margo

MARGO: You want a drink? [she pours some]

JACK:, no, no thanks.

MARGO: Good for you.

So it’s where i supposed Jack have had issue with alcohol like he have had on the FF when he was living with Kate and Aaron, Jack dealt with it, he can see David one week by month.

Now speaking of David, the kid is a mini Jack, i mean scared of his father ‘cause if he fails he’ll be ashamed, Jack was with Christian he even admitted it to his son but he don’t want to be this man and he shown his son he’ll be here for him, it was very touching scene but mostly when he discovered David playing piano, in my mind i thought of a future meeting with Daniel Faraday and Jack Shephard because hell Danny boy was amazing with piano don’t you think ? Maybe he could even be David’s teacher but i think no, i think like Dogen, they’ll meet while David will play.

The FS shown us too that Claire is part of Christian’s testament, of course she’s his daughter, does it mean Jack will search her ? Or maybe see her at the hospital afterall she’s pregnant and she was still when Kate left her ;)

Now the most important question in the FS

Who is David’s mom ?

We can eliminate Kate ‘cause the kid is around 12 and our Freckles is 26 so i don’t think there is a chance it’s her and also for people who have had kid together, it could be weird they were strangers on the plane don’t you think ?

Now Sarah, they were married on the other time and then divorced before the crash so Sarah ? Yes maybe but at the same i could say too predictable and we saw the FS is different, Locke is fiance with Helen and they’ll be married, Ben is the Ben Potter in adult version, Hurley is lucky and now Jack has a kid so my bet is on...

Juliet Burke

Afterall on the island they were close, they were both doctors too and they’ve kind of connection who was gone in season4 for my anger i could say too...

I think it could feel logical Juliet is Jack’s ex, both doctors, met at university, fall in love, got married and have a kid. And there is this little hint at the beginning of the episode where we spoke about Jack’s appendix and we first thought OH OH “deja vu” moment for Jack ! and me i was oh oh JULIET !

Also we know Elizabeth Mitchell will be back on the show for fews episodes, true her storyline is linked to Sawyer too but at the same it’s over and the only way to bring some surprise with character we love/loved, it could be to make Juliet be David’s mom !

She could go dutch with Jack at some point and speaks about David, people assumed it was Sawyer but i doubt it will be him, I think we’ll get to see different losties in Sawyer’s FS than Juliet.

We knew she was away for days and sometimes doctor have conference to assist or even to do, so maybe Juliet was out the town for this reason.

Maybe i’m completely wrong too but recently SPOILER ALERT Darlton confimed we knew David’s mom and my mind can’t get over it’s Juliet, she could fit to be David’s mom and in this life i could love Juliet to have her own kid, maybe be over Rachel maybe Rachel was never sick or maybe she was and it’s also a reason her and Jack aren’t together anymore but a part of her is linked to Jack forever with this kid. I just love that and hear me Darlton, Juliet deserves happy life on the FS or i’ll ask smokey to kick your ass :D

So to end let’s complete it

First life

Flash Sideway

Jack is a doctor

Jack is a doctor

Jack lose his father and even the coffin was missing when he crashed

Jack lose his father and even his coffin is missing

Jack has no kid

Jack has a son

Jack have had issue with alcohol

Jack SEEM to have had issue with alcohol

Jack learnt he has a sister

Jack learnt about Claire (not yet she’s his sister)

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