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dimanche 28 mars 2010

Yunjin Kim's wedding in Hawaii !

What a sudden announcement: Kim Yun-jin, the 36-year-old actress of U.S. television series Lost and Korean films Harmony and Shiri, will marry on March 28 in Hawaii. The actress released the news with little advance notice, via press release on the afternoon of the 28th (Korean time).

The groom, Mr. Park, is identified as a film producer who is the same age as Kim. She has been in a relationship with Park since 2007 after first meeting in 2002, when he was her manager. They began dating while she wrote her book, The World is Your Drama. Kim described her groom as “a very humorous and considerate person.”

The ceremony will be held on a private beach and attended by a small group of family and friends. Kim is currently filming the sixth season of Lost in Hawaii, so the couple will wait for shooting to end to embark on their honeymoon.

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