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mardi 16 mars 2010

My review on "Sundown"

What can i say for this episode except :
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket,
Never let it fade away!

Ok, ok i’m kidding, there is a lot we can say on this episode and i’ll start with the FS as i always do.

This is Sayid centric and like the others losties, his life in the FS is different

First he went in L.A. not to find Nadia his lover but to visit her, her KIDS and HIS BROTHER !!

What a shock to learn the love of his life belongs to someone else in this life. I always liked Nadia and Sayid together, he was cute with Shannon and all but it was always CLEAR with the season, Nadia was the one.

So in this life Nadia is also in USA but this time she’s married, have kids and Sayid is her brother in law !!

On this FS we can still see how much Nadia mean to him, he has her photo, Omer is aware of their MUTUAL feelings, ‘cause it’s clear Nadia has still feeling for Sayid even if she built a life with his brother, he’s like a substitute. I don’t doubt Nadia really loves her husband and all but i think she ended up with him ‘cause of Sayid, he wanted her safe and she could never be with him, at least what he thinks because this Sayid has a new life and he tries to help his brother with money when Omer asks him to care of his problems, Sayid don’t want, even when Omer DARED to use Nadia and the feeling he has for her. Sayid sticks with his idea, he’s good and not a murderer.

Then Omer have had an “accident” and here Sayid wants to kate of it but Nadia stops him (btw you’ll notice Mister Jack Shephard was also on the FS, normal afterall if you end up in a hospital lol)

You think Sayid is really changed man, he’ll not kill anymore until...

He mets with Mister Keamy who wants his money back and here Sayid is back, the one we know, love or hate, but it’s Sayid the torturer !

Here you can see also Keamy’s life is different and instead of the other life, Keamy isn’t a monster, i mean yes he can be but i think too he’s more the guy, i’ve money,i’ve powers and blabla ‘cause the Keamy we know couldn’t have beg for his life if someone put a gun on him, he could have KILL HIM. This time, Sayid did it, he kills Keamy and a part of me was all YEAHHHHHHHH you deserved it bastard !! (never forgot what he did to karl, rourou and Alex !)

And here there is noise and we found it was JIN !

and here he’s all NO ENGLISH and we’re wondering damn it what happened after the airport and where is Sun ??

What i think is, Sun lied when she said No english, Jin was bring to policeman at the airport, they fixed the issue, he leaves then Keamy shown up to say, we’ve a little Rendez vous Mister Kwon.But before maybe Jin said to Sun to leave and she has the money, Money who belongs to Keamy, because you don’t keep someone who has your money on his bag, you keep them when you’ve not it and you wait him to talk to say where he hidden it. Now the question is, will sun run away with the money or waits her husband ?

So now we’ve another meeting with our losties, does it mean Sayid will help Jin to find Sun or he’ll say, i’m done with it, take care of yourself lol

Guess we’ve to wait Jin and Sun centric to get the answer.

So now to make a summary of it

First life

Flash Sideway

Sayid was a torturer

Sayid was a torturer

He was married to Nadia

Nadia is married to his brother and has kids

Keamy worked for Widmore and was soldier

Keamy works on his own and Loan shark

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