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mardi 16 mars 2010

Rebecca Mader Interview

Oh, happy day! Rebecca Mader, who is the cat's meow as far as we Lost fans here at E! are concerned, is in the house talking about her return to the series. She can't say when, but it will be sometime soon. And let me tell you, her first episode back will seriously make you squeal!

So what will she be doing? And is there any chance she's the mother of Jack's (Matthew Fox) son? Rebecca tells me exclusively:

"I don't think so." Then she adds with a laugh, "He's 14. Do I need a new face cream!?" (Side note: My money is so on Juliet!)

That said, sources tell me that Rebecca may have a connection to one of the Lost guys on the show when she returns. Could it be her former love interest Jeremy Davies (Daniel)? Will he return?

"I don't know," she says with such believability I almost think she's not lying. Almost.

Check out what else the awesome Miss Mader has to say in our video sitdown above. She dishes on her "best friend currently on the show," the Lostie she's "in love with" (here's looking at you, Terry O'Quinn), the moment that made her "nearly fall off the bloody sofa" and what she's hoping for the very end.

"I'm really cheesy," Rebecca admits. "I want a happy ending...I want everyone to be in 2007 and everyone who died to be alive."

Don't. We. All.

Final Spoilery note: An ABC press release for tonight's episode of Lost lists some interesting guest stars, including Alan Dale (Charles Widmore), Neil Hopkins (Liam Pace-Charlie's brother!) and...Wait a minute...

Rebecca Mader! We found her! She comes back tonight, my friends!

Shall we have some chocolate before dinner (a line I totally mess up in the video clip above) to celebrate?! Yum.

Are you excited to see Charlotte again on Lost? And which guy are you guessing she'll be sharing screen time with? I kid you not that you will squeal.


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