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mardi 20 janvier 2009

5 questions with Jorge Garcia

Whatever your position on the mysteries of 'Lost' and whoever's team you're on, you can't deny that Hurley is the show's moral compass, the looking glass for those on the outside and the comic relief in so many intense situations.

Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia, is also the Oceanic 6 member we'll be seeing the most of in the two-hour season 5 premiere (Wed., Jan. 21 at 8PM ET on ABC), as the rescued survivors of flight 815 begin their journey back to the island. (Cue the show's spine-tingling music now.)

Garcia gave AOL TV the scoop about what to expect this season and what he thinks would be the perfect ending for the show. He also cryptically teases a new mystery: What the heck are the 'Lost'-ies wearing that's so hilarious? Keep reading to find out ..

source : Aol

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