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samedi 31 janvier 2009

My review for epi 5x01

pfiouuuuuuuuu don't be sick when there is lost return ! i swear you i didn't liked that at all !
let's startttttttttt !!

Who is this baby ? i mean, with lost they don't show something without reason so for me this baby could be or

what danny's boy is doing in DI times ?
I guess people think it's fb and so danny boy already back in time BUT here my theory
i guess we didn't see past (i mean fb) but PRESENT TIME !
we learnt later in episode that losties will flash to flash in time ! So my theory is this scene it's from future episode on the show !
you think it's fb but later, you'll see it was PRESENT TIME where our losties will be ! it's not fb but it's a sequel of all flash, with times losties will STAY in one time (maybe when locke will leave the island) and i bet it will be DI times and danny boy is trying to find a way to move the island back in their time !

Dan and sawyer's meeting !
what can i say expect... I LOVED IT !
I loved to see their interaction in this episode and their first meeting and how dan say very simply !
Your camp isn't gone. It hasn't been built yet.

I really like charladay so this scene was cute ^^

Kate and Aaron breakfast or when perfect fake life end !

Client want to blood sample from kate and aaron, client knows kate is lying
my bet !
Benjamin Linus, he said in finale season4 he has fews ideas to get the o6 back on the island but i guess it mean too he have fews ideas to FORCE them to going back too !

Say bye-bye, baby, you'll soon meet your destiny on the crazy island and have tea with smokey and eventually see your mommy !

Skate's moment <3

I never said i wasn't shipper but i don't watch lost for this reason but for me Sawyer and Kate are the most amazing and heartbreaking couple right now !
Sawyer jumped off the chopper to save kate and friend's life then he saw the boat blew up !
JULIET: Why did you jump off that helicopter?

SAWYER: I told you. We were runnin' out of gas. I wanted to make sure she--(sighs) I wanted to make sure they got back to the boat. Don't matter now anyway, does it?

Sawyer or James Ford grown on the island, he found love, he found friends too and he lose everything and he thinks now it's his fault they're all dead :( how we couldn't be touched by this moment ?

Dan's explanation about the timetravel !

i loved that sawyer slapped to say hé ho, i don't want scientific explanation, i thought god dan don't go there please and BAM lol thanks sawyer^^
dan said :
The Island... (sighs) think of the Island like a record spinning on a turntable... only now, that record is skipping. Whatever Ben Linus did down at the Orchid station... I think... it may have... dislodged us

so it remind me the song at the beginning of the episode
Shotgun Willie sits around in his underwear
Bitin' a bullet, pullin' out all of his hair
Shotgun Willie has got all of his family there

You can't make a record if you ain't got nothin' to say
You can't make a record if you ain't got nothin' to say
You can't play music if you don't know nothin' to play

repeat 1st verse

Well, John T. (Fours) was workin' with the Klu Klux Klan
The six foot five John T was a hell of a man
Made a lot of money sellin' sheets on the family plan

you can't make a record if you ain't got nothing to say
you can't play music if you don't know nothing to play

seem similar with the situation on the island, they can't move in their life 'cause they can't know when or where they're, they don't know what they can do or not too, for me it was like a link but maybe i saw too much here...

Now start the flash to flash and my research to WHEN ARE THEY !
FIRST FLASH : 10-15 years on the past !

Late 1990s
The drug smugglers' plane carrying Yemi's body crashes onto the Island. (photo above)("Deus Ex Machina")

Ethan or Thathan (for missa) and Locke MEETING !

I was intrigued by this meeting, true ethan can't know john but i was more intrigued by the fact he was there, i mean i remember ATOTC when ben sent goodwin and ethan to see who are the survivors by WHY a gun ? was ethan killed survivors of yemi's plane ? did he thought locke was a DI people escaped of the purge ?
I found weird too that when locke mentionned ben, ethan didn't say, ok i'll bring you to him no ethan seems more DANGEROUS than the man we saw with our losties in WHY ?

Sun and widmore common interest : Kill Benjamin Linus !

In s4 i thought, help you to find the island, i didn't expected sun to say it, plus ben don't do anything against her but it's his fault widmore bring people on the island and so jin's death ! (even if sun blames more jack for that !)

Sayid and Hurley or when sayid's jedi gives advice to hurley's padawan !

here you could say it was in some way someone came back from the dark side who don't want people to have the same experience, that's why here, sayid is the jedi and hurley is called the padawan (and yes i'm star wars fan lol)
SAYID: I was working for Benjamin Linus.

HURLEY: Wait. He's on our side now?

SAYID: Listen to me, Hurley. If you ever have the misfortune of running into him, whatever he tells you, just do the opposite.

last time we saw sayid's ff, he worked for ben, he just killed woman he loved (no luck in love for him i could say) and he was "agree" to do that
so what happened ? why sayid changed his mind about ben ?
i guess he found ben manipulated him, maybe he was the reason nadya died OR ben asked sayid to kill good personn (as for example Jeremy Bentham alias John Locke !) or i dunno but sayid changed his mind and here another lost mystery !
Dishwasher more dangerous than a gun !!yes yerkkkkk this scene was yeark but funny too, i mean we never saw a dishwasher used this way lol

hurley's the killer or when Lyly mixed two shows !

sorry but i'm GG fan too !! (gossip girl) so when i saw this scene when the man took hurleys photo here what i thought !
spotted H killing someone we don't know the name
why H changed like that ? Why he stopped to be Burger King and became Killer King ?
you know you love me

lol sorry guys couldn't resist ^^


Whatever happened, happened

sawyer wants to go back to the camp to warn his friend if it's not too late about the boat but danny boy said there is rules !
FARADAY: You cannot change anything. You can't. Even if you tried to, it wouldn't work.

SAWYER: Why not?

FARADAY: Time--it's like a street, all right? We can move forward on that street, we can move in reverse, but we cannot ever create a new street. If we try to do anything different, we will fail every time. Whatever happened, happened.

HERE close your eyes and fix your brain,'cause i'm gonna to do a speech lol
Danny boy is right and wrong too in the same time 'cause them flash to flash in another time have already started to change things ! they didn't communicated with someone from the past but they'll it's logical, at some times they'll have to !
I take as example "Back to the future" here

First movie, marty came back in the past and finally changed the past, present and future, not the fact his parents will be together but their life and also the fact at first his OWN MUM have had crush on him 'cause he was saved by his grandpa and it wasn't his dad who was saved ! so he interracted with them but also changed his OWN present !
what could have happen if our losties could have warn the o6 to leave the island ?
I mean when marty revealed to doc he was gonna to die in his future, he changed the story too 'cause at the end, he saved doc's life !
Marty: I'm really gonna miss you. Doc, about the future-
Doc: No, Marty, we've already agreed that having information about the future could be extremely dangerous. Even if your intentions are good, they could backfire drastically. Whatever you've got to tell me I'll find out through the natural course of time.

here he was right, it's dangerous to learn for the future, and you can join dan's word about the story BUT both dan and marty will not follow this rules !
so as i said WHAT IF our losties could have warn the o6 ?
If you took BTF you create a breach in the space-time continuum, so the present and future change so memory from the first life are erased except YOURS !
so what it could happen right NOW if sawyer and co could have warn them ? if they warned them, what could happen to their bodies off the island ? could just disappeared right now and appear on the island with only the memory of i was ready to go but we spoke some weeks before and you told to don't to ! could have them forget everything of this first life ? so why dan is worry if losties do it ? more because for them OR for the o6 'cause maybe they couldn't JUST erased what happened but everything too ! i'm confused here, i don't get what is so much dangerous, you change the past so what ? what happen next ?
hmm...still need explanation

return on richard or maybelline lol

Richard met john in the future !
LOCKE: How did you know there was a bullet in my leg, Richard?

RICHARD: Because you told me there was, John.

so the question is when was meeting happened ?
i mean look they move flash to flash in time but we didn't see YET john speaking of it to richard so future locke will tell him it, here i was lost a bit lol
I guessed it was 2005 'cause richard told to john o6 are alive and at home but he told him too he need to bring them back on the island and he needs to DIE o_O what a shock to hear it!!!!

THIRD FLASH : back between 2001-2004

richard gave him the compass that we'll see locke will have in his hand when richard will visit him when he was a kid !
richard said too It points north, John it remind me the eko's stick where you can read "lift up your eyes and look North"

return to sawyer and co !
the hatch is back, sawyer wants to see desmond, sawyer is upset and he don't understand what is happening so he wants to focus in something REAL !
SAWYER: The sky can flash all it wants, but I ain't startin' over, Dilbert. I ain't rubbin' two sticks together and starting a fire, and I ain't huntin' damn boar! There's DHARMA food, beer, and clothing in there. And I'm gettin' Desmond to let me in one way or another.

here disney reference ! hé lost is abc show and abc belongs to disney right ?
SAWYER: Sure it will. Yo, open up! It's the Ghost of Christmas Future!

so it remind me Mickey's Christmas Carol when Scrooge was visited by ghost of xmas past, present and future !

'cause in some way are exactly the same, ghost from the future ! so just i thought it was good reference plus i love disney ^^

when sawyer confess his feeling and when he broke lyly's heart :'(

SAWYER: Everybody I care about just blew up on your damn boat. I know what I can't change.


Juliet tried to comfort him, she feels the same like him, they failed, she wanted to save life (especially sun's life) and she failed too, i really liked this moment too.

Miles or the new Sawyer on the island !

i said thanks Miles to be here, you can make me laugh a bit lol
MILES: Why are we going back to the beach if there's nothing to go back to?

JULIET: So stay here.

MILES: (To Charlotte) That chick likes me.


Charlotte and Noseblood effect !

Oulalala, what is going on ? dan knows exactly ! I guess because they can't stop to move in time, there is some effect too !
what will be happen ? like desmond and charlotte will start to lost memory?
jack said locke told him BAD THINGS HAPPENED ! what if it wasn't danger on the island BUT the fact losties started to lost memories time after time they move ?

anyways look here, danny boy said you can't change what happened but LOOK what he did !!

could dan do that without to change something OR could dan do and bring problem ?
i guess yes he could because if you remember "the constant" at the end you could read in dan's book !

so i guess he knew if things went wrong, he could get help with HIS constant : DESMOND !
FARADAY: Yeah... in a way. But listen, that's not important. What is important, Desmond, is what I'm about to say to you. I need you to listen. You're the only person who can help us because, Desmond... the rules... the rules don't apply to you. You're special. You're uniquely and miraculously special.

WHO was/is special on the island
there is
so everyone is special can't affect what happened or yes but not change everything and don't create a breach in the space-time continuum !
so dan said to him !
FARADAY: Listen, I need you to listen, or people are gonna die. My name is Daniel Faraday, and right now me and everyone else you left behind--we're in serious danger. You're the only person who can help us. I need you to go back to Oxford University. Go back to where we met.

2008 : Desmond wake up of his dream/memory !!
wow ! so why ? why desmond just remembered about it in 2008 ? this is lost guys and you'll not get the answer right now but HERE Desmond David Hume has SERIOUS Mission !

OXFORD !!! i'm coming brotha, i'm coming!!!

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