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jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Evangeline Lilly and Romain Duris tele loisirs interview

Evi was in france the last week and she did an interview in French for one of our french tv program
little summary : evi and romain joked with eachother, they asked her if they're friends and she said lol they were but now they hate eachother, then they asked if she watched romain's movie and she said yes even one who is in french and romain was surprised but romain didn't watch lost and she said it's a reason they can't be friends lol then they asked them about the movie and evi said she spoke very much with gilles by email and romain said he needed to learn english.
Evi was very cute to speak in french and know very well french expression too^^

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

OMG .. Evi qui parle en français c'était trop génial .. Elle est super bonne je trouve pour débutante :P

lyly ford a dit…

evi est canadienne c'est un peu normale qu'elle y arrive lol

Anonyme a dit…

.. enfin c'est drôle mais moi je vit au quebec , et quand je sort du quebec , cest tres rare le monde qui savent parler en francais ... et on est a meme pas trois quatre hrs les uns les autres .

mais Evi est trop géniale :P

Anonyme a dit…

Etes-vous sûr qu'Evangeline est de Quebec ?