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dimanche 4 janvier 2009

Darlton interview on Dharma Special Acces#2

Scoop from our heroes, in case you are unable to check out the audiovisual portion of our program:

* There will be another original song by the band Geronimo Jackson. Apparently writer Eddie Kitsis has become something of a Geronimo Jackson expert, and while his research has found that several of the original band members (including "Keith Strutter") have gone missing, they were able to clear this new song for broadcast on ABC. Holler.
* Why does Christian Shephard wear white shoes on the Island? This question will be answered definitively in season five.
* Don't expect Ben to get a love interest anytime soon; do watch the section where Damon riffs on Ben's Facebook profile.
* The four-toed statue will be revisited in season five, and explored more extensively in season six.
* They killed Alex because, says Carlton, they were "looking for a way to create a moment of sympathy for Ben." And Ben is, make no mistake, out for revenge.

source : kristin eonline

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