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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Lost Spoiler Game: Is Hurley a Killer?

Finally! Lost returns tonight.

And to whet your appetite in the long hours until the big, juicy, two-hour premiere of season five, we're going to play a little spoilerific game.

Will Juliet and Sawyer play a little tonsil hockey?

Will Hurley be wanted for murder?

Will Charlie return? Or is it another dead Lostie or two?

Take a stab at determining who lives, who loves and who dies by guessing true or false for each item in the list below. Take note: At least half the events will go down within the first three episodes...

1. Daniel Faraday abandons the woman he loved
2. Kate starts to have hallucinations
3. Miles sells the Losties out to the Others
4. Juliet and Sawyer kiss
5. Charlie makes an appearance
6. Desmond visits Charles Widmore
7. Ethan shoots Locke
8. Hurley kills someone
9. Sayid throws a grenade
10. Penny gives birth

So which ones are true? Hit the comments section with your guesses, and tune in to Lost tonight for some answers! (And don't forget to come back here for the first Lost Redux of the season.)
source : kristin at eonline

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