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jeudi 8 janvier 2009

Questions for Michael Emerson?‏

I just got this private email by Jennifer at eonline, i was surprised they know me lol
so first thanks for visiting my blog ^^ and second thanks for your email :)
Michael Emerson will do an interview with kristin this afternoon. So if you've questions You can or send an email at or post a comment here :)
thank you once again for visiting my blog^^

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Lyly.
I would like to ask him if we are going to know soon the real motivations of Ben to help the O6 to come back.
If Ben has to go back to the Island too.
And about the new structure of the episodes with the cast separated.

Florian B. a dit…

Hi Lyly !

I would like knowing if Michael Emerson knows if there were news scenes and other long "epic dialogues" between Ben and Locke in the last episodes he shot (thus near the episodes 10-11, I believe).

Thanks !

Bye for now !

Anonyme a dit…

I would like to ask him if he knows if Ben is behind Locke's Death.


Freckles a dit…

Hi Lyly !
Me, I would like to ask him if he knows if Ben will be the Penny's murderer or if he'll not succeed to kill the Desmond's love.