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samedi 17 janvier 2009

Win a Trip to the Lost Island in Hawaii!

Only for Uk people !

ATTENTION LOST FANS! We want to send you to the Lost island in Hawaii to do some reporting for us. Interested? Of course you are. Read on!

Lost Hawaii CompetitionAre you the ultimate Lost fan? Then Sky1 has a prize for you: An amazing trip for 2 to Hawaii, where Lost is filmed. We'll fly you and a guest on 8th February to the Halekulani resort in Honolulu, Hawaii, armed with a video camera. From there, you'll soak up the sun at this amazing resort, and take in a guided Lost tour from some local experts. All the while you'll keep a video diary for us of what life is really like on the island that plays such a massive role in the Lost mythology. After you return, your video will be played at!

source : skyone

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