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dimanche 4 janvier 2009

Lyly opens her gallery

UPDATE 01/05/09 7:40PM : i added the promo pic bts that i shared for xmas :)

i thought it could be better way to add photos for the future, i mean yes it's cool to use the forum but when people want to find a pics, it's NOT ! so voila with the help of my friend josh, i created the Lyly Ford Lost Gallery for now it's empty except epi 501 for promo pics :) see on the right and you'll see this image (posted above) click on this one and you'll have access to my gallery ^^
of course when i'll add pics i'll put a message here and fews pics but all will be there now :)
i hope you like my idea ^^

2 commentaires:

paul a dit…

Hi, got a photo from my last visit to Oahu of an burnt out Hurley van. It was sitting at the others-set while I was driving past there. Do you want it or is it old news? Email me if you want it, or if you want me to post it to my blog. spiff at yodel net.

Paul a dit…

Hi. Here's the photo I was talking about. It's not the same as before...