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samedi 27 juin 2009

Cursed photoshoot josh and evi in LQ

i know, you know those photoshoot but if you remember what we got before the pic was this size !

now, it's LQ, not HQ but it's very hard to get it, those photoshoot are on the place hard place but also the most important for all media so for now i share LQ and soon i can (i dunno when)i'll get the HQ ! nothing impossible for lyly guys ! and this week end, promo pics are back here too :) sorry it take time but i got personnal issue and i wasn't ready to work hard on my blog

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Have you taken these pics ? I guess NO, so you have absolutely no right to tag them. Either you share them, either you don't, it's your right, but you have NO ATTENTED RIGHT to tag them, you could be sue for that.

lyly ford a dit…

i paid for those and i don't want others people to steal and said they got it themself, so yes now i tag what i got, it's not 'cause i took or not the pic myself it's 'cause when people worked HARD to find something, it's not fair people steal it !
you don't like or not, i just don't care, i spent months to search it, energy and money ! that's my right. if you visit my blog you should know i'm opportunist. blog and website do that all time to protect their credit and people don't yell right ? so deal with it or don't come back if it pissed you off !

Anonyme a dit…

have i said it pissed me off ? that was just a warning, at your own expense now. Chill out. Your argument is very fair, I acknowledge that, still the law might not.

Miss Ford a dit…

They are great Lyly... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake a dit…

Well, I like coming on your blog because I think it is a nice summary of all the other blogs around but I think it is quite ironic that you are using the word "stole" as you are, yourself, "stealing" articles from other blogs, most of them you did not write them.
This is not an accusation because I do like your blog. I'm just saying that your reason is not accountable.

lyly ford a dit…

@anonyme, if you think about issue i could get,think of others blog before mine, i don't use thing which didn't belong to me or don't post when ABC or others people will not like it, promo pics, vids or spoilers, that's what i can say it could get people in trouble not simple photoshoot ;)

@jake, right i stole summary and so what ? i don't credited them ? i don't think so, i prefer to take translation or summary 'cause my english isn't the best and i want people to understand it. "stealing" article like you said it's different than to steal photos or stuff and said you found first, when i took scan or article, i put credit and link, when it's coming from me, i credit myself ! period