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samedi 27 juin 2009

Foxy's article in french magazine some spoilers too !

foxy was at monte carlo festival and french reporter met him and he answered fews questions about LOST, his character in s5 and some infos about s6 too
here a summary of what he said about LOST

he said :
-he loves hurley character (his favorite after jack) and wishes he could play a comedy show or movie 'cause jack never got funny scenes.
-jack wants redemption and that's why he went back on the island, it's a tortured man and he believe at the end of the show, jack will find redemption.
-he never believed in jate and don't think they'll ever come back in each other arm again.
-In s5, jack changed a lot and don't try to control everything, he became man of faith. because of locke he thinks he has mission on the island.
-in s6, jack will fight someone more powerful than Ben but he can't say more about it.
-no more flashback or time travel, linear storyline for s6.
-s6 will give us all answers, some fans could be disappointed about it 'cause nobody can see the thing the same way, they can't satisfiaze everyone.
-this last season will proove they knew the end since the beginning.
-the end, will be sad, beautiful and liberator.
-he'll be sad at the end of LOST 'cause he'll have to say goodbye to some people. he was close of people during 5 years but know after the show will end, they'll not be anymore and his life will take another road.
-he'll leave hawaii and go in Oregon with his family.
-he don't want to work on tv show again but make movie.

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