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mardi 30 juin 2009

LOST news with kristin and carlton !

Scott in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Lost!
At the 35th Annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, Calif., we asked Lost's Michael Emerson how Ben (who once crushed hard on Juliet) would react to the news that she had nuked herself, and Emerson said: "Ben's no longer in a position to entertain romantic notions. I don't think there's room for romance in Ben's world right now. As much as he admires her on a lot of levels, I don't think he can do anything about it." We also asked, on a scale of one to 10, how he would rate Elizabeth Mitchell's awesomeness? "It would be a number higher than 10." Word.

Jill in Auckland, New Zealand: I need some new Lost news!

The best we can offer you on this fine afternoon is Lost show runner Carlton Cuse saying nothing about Lost at the Saturn Awards, but saying it darn well:

Watch With Kristin: How much of the speculation on the Internet about Lost season six is correct? Give us a percentage.
Carlton Cuse: I'm not really good at math, so no speculation about that.

WWK: You're the best stonewaller ever.

CC: This is what we like to call stonewalling season, where we try to preserve radio silence—but we'll be coming out of Comic-Con with some cool things, I think, so we're excited about that.

WWK: There is one very important question.


WWK: Can you get Josh Holloway to come to Comic-Con?
CC: Mmmm...That's a good idea, which I will pitch to the appropriate parties. Josh is great. We would love it if Josh would come.

WWK: And here's a question you're not going to answer. Season one: Jack's the most important person ever. Season four: Ben's the key to everything. Season five: Jacob. If you had to pick a character who was the most central to what Lost is in the end, who would it be?
CC: You're right, I'm not going to answer that.

1. We tried.
2. Tell Holloway in the comments that he should appear on Lost's final Comic-Con panel.

source : kristin eoline

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