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mercredi 17 juin 2009

JJ Abrams Convention on august ! Meet Michael Emerson !

you remember last year guys ? i went on a Lost convention, here they put a new convention but not only about lost but all show of jj abrams, we could meet some actors of fringe, lost and alias. For lost, it seem Michael Emerson will go at Northtampton for 3 days !!
here the price of the ticket
Standard Adult Programme at £78
Child Programme at £29*
Silver Programme at £135 Limited to 150!
Gold Programme at £195 Limited to 150!

Now let's me tell you my private experience, sure the price is expensive but who never dream to meet lost actors ? it's not just you do photos and get autograph ! here the actors will spend 3 DAYS on the same hotel than you, you can see him during the breakfast, at the bar, ANYWHERE ! you can share private moment with him during the private talk show, you can get the chance they'll go to the party too ! last year Lost actors joined us for the party Ade and frederic (yemi and the marshall), francois (pierre chang) was at the bar !
think about it, this convention is a way to see your favorite actors not fews minutes not MAYBE i'll see him ! no YOU WILL SEE HIM during 3 days !
you wanna details of the convention, ask me and i'll give you all details you need ;)
i could like to see you there guys :)
more details here : JJ abrams convention

3 commentaires:

BenLiNus a dit…

Oh my god!! It's so great!! Huh I'm french so i don't speak english very well, sorry. Could you tell me more details about this event please (the date, the place...) ? How can you know that Michael Emerson will be there ?

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