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jeudi 18 juin 2009

Maggie Grace returns to hawaii soon ! is that mean shannon's return too ?

The final season of Lost is starting to look like that farewell to ER that recently aired—you know, the one that showcased nearly all the former cast members?

Emilie de Ravin's return to the island is already confirmed, and Dominic Monaghan's is in a promising state of limbo. Now, Maggie Grace is hinting that she may be the next deceased survivor of Oceanic 815 to crash Locke's power party.

When asked if she was looking forward to returning to Lost, the stunning starlet confirmed she's packing her bags. But what exactly did she say?

"I'm looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon," she teased to E! News at BCBG's Whitney Art Party in NYC tonight. "I don't know why..."

While she wouldn't say if she would be heading there for work or pleasure, she certainly sounded hopeful.

"I think that they are brilliant writers," she said. "If they found the right reason, then I'm sure I would be on."

Our fingers are crossed for more Shan, but are yours? Tell us in the comments if you want to see Shannon back on Lost in season six!

source : kristin eonline

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