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samedi 6 juin 2009

Tater Tops 2009: Who Is the Best Baddie?

Tater Tops voting continues today with an important decision: Who's the Best Baddie, aka the meanest (male) villain of them all? (The wicked witches and head bitches in charge have their own category.) Your choices are these:

• Carlos Bernard's semi-immortal Tony Almeida who came out of retirement this season on 24 to help knock out Jack Bauer with creepy bio weapons

• Dollhouse's Alpha, the Doll imprint currently embodied by Alan Tudyk via the body of an unrepentant slash-happy serial killer

• Heroes' megalomaniacal Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto with an evil glee that never bubbles over into parody

• Neal McDonough's vengeance-obsessed Dave Williams, who brought a new dynamism to good ol' Wisteria Lane

• Michael Emerson's Ben Linus, who may or may not be the big bad of Lost, but who is absolutely one of the show's most fascinating and essential characters.

So, who will it be? Cast your vote in our poll!

source : Vote for ben !

not easy for me, i love sylar as big bad so badly but ben is amazing too
i've the chance to meet emerson and he's very amazing even when he plays you can feel ben in him but god not easy lol, i think both should win lol

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