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samedi 13 juin 2009

Darlton's interview with some infos for s6

thanks su from outlaws for the scans, you can read some infos for s6 and also what foxy knows exactly for the end of the show and i'm more convinced with this interview he knows jack will die !
enjoy !

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Anonyme a dit…

Where is Jack's name in the interview? Darlton said that the main character may die. Do you think he is the only main character? And what about Sayid's phrase that he will not stay alive? That's just your own dream and you write it in the title as if they say it themselves. You're funny))

Personally I don't believe in this speculation as it will make the whole idea of returning to the island ridiculous and absurd and it's almost half of Lost and two season's finals! Was it all for nothing? Is this a really great ending?

Anyway don't forget that they also said about skeletons in cave so... that could be not only Jack but Jate together... and in one of future dead-end lines, that could be changed after that as a symbol that everything goes alright now.
You never know with Lost what is the main reality.

by NewLeaX