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jeudi 15 avril 2010

Article : Matthew Fox interview in Playboy magazine

PLAYBOY: With Lost coming to an end, many people would love to get the scoop on the finale and what the six years of the series have been building toward. There have been hints that you are among the select few who know how the show will end. What’s true?

FOX: I know a little bit about what the end’s going to be like. I went to the show’s creators to ask what I should be working toward with my character. They gave me an image of how my character would end up.

PLAYBOY: Are you going to share that image with us?

FOX: No, man. But it’s pretty awesome. [laughs]

PLAYBOY: Lots of fans are debating whether Evangeline Lilly’s character Kate will end up with you or with Josh Holloway’s bad-boy character Sawyer—assuming any or all of you survive. Do you ever regret not being cast as Sawyer when you auditioned?

FOX: I don’t think they were ever seriously considering me for Sawyer. They were just using a Sawyer scene to audition guys they were interested in. The minute I did that Sawyer audition, though, they were like, “We think you’re Jack Shephard.” I said, “Great, but I don’t have any fucking idea who Jack Shephard is because nobody’s read the script.”

PLAYBOY: Did they let you read it?

FOX: J.J. Abrams said, “You want to read the script right now?” I did, but he proceeded to butt in every fucking 20 minutes with, “What do you think? What do you think?” Finally, I’m like, “Fucking great. Let me finish it.”

PLAYBOY: Apparently you liked what you read.

FOX: The minute I read it and saw that the show started on Shephard’s eye opening, I realized they were essentially talking to me about playing the guy. And I was like, “Well, okay.”

PLAYBOY: Lost has had more strong seasons than not, but many people still hotly debate season three, which was almost a sidebar miniseries featuring you, Lilly and Holloway held captive. It was mostly Lilly and Holloway trapped in zoo cages.

FOX: It became a show everybody talked and wrote about. People who never would have been fans, who weren’t watching the show from the beginning, started watching because of the reviews, the press attention and the ratings. They didn’t know what the show was about, didn’t know the characters or anything, but they were criticizing it, saying it wasn’t as good as seasons one and two. Season six is the last one, so with all the publicity, of course the ratings will be huge, especially for the final episode.

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