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mardi 20 avril 2010

Tv guide summary for epi 6x13

Did the Locke monster really get rid of Desmond? And did L.A. Desmond really get rid of L.A. Locke? You won't get an answer here, but we will note that Henry Ian Cusick isn't listed in the guest cast for this episode, which finds the Locke monster's camp (Sawyer, Kate, Sayid) merging with Jack's group (formerly Ilana's, including Hurley, Sun, Alpert, Ben etc.). The merger won't be seamless. In L.A., meanwhile, the focus is on Jack. Finally, a programming note: A rerun (the Alpert episode, "Ab Aeterno") is scheduled for next week — to give you a breather before the final four.

source : tv guide

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