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jeudi 8 avril 2010

Henry Ian Cusick Interview

Lost's Desmond Talks Love, Fear, and Moving Sideways

Call him what you will — The Package, electromagnetic superhero or, simply, Desmond — but Lost’s dashing romantic, played by Henry Ian Cusick, seems to be the key to unlocking some of the drama’s greatest mysteries. In Tuesday’s episode, he could glimpse images from his Island life while occupying the Sideways world, proving that there’s a vital connection between the two, one that will drive the series home to its final episode on May 23. PEOPLE checked in with Cusick on whether Desmond and true love Penny deserve a happily ever after, how he (accidentally!) gave co-star Michael Emerson a black eye, and why he hopes there’s life beyond Lost. – Shawna Malcom

It seems up to Desmond to open the eyes of the other Oceanic 815 passengers about the two worlds, the way Charlie [Dominic Monaghan] did for him.

Totally. I think anyone who doubted the Sideways, or thought they were just filler — now you fundamentally know that the Sideways world is so important to the outcome of the Island world. They say we’re driven by two emotions, love and fear, and Desmond is so driven now by love, which is the one we all want to be driven by. What’s interesting, as you’ll see later on this season, is that some people will do good things for love and some will do bad.

In the episode, Desmond starts off angry, and even violent, but by the end, he’s determined to stay and help his father-in-law, whom he previously couldn’t stand.

I actually had a little bit of a problem with that. I had to speak to [executive producers] Carlton [Cuse] and Damon [Lindelof] because I didn’t get it. They said, ‘Think enlightened.’ But I needed something else so they explained to me that Desmond, now having had a glimpse of the Sideways world, is crystal clear on what he has to do.

So why on earth is he going off with Sayid, who seems to be on the opposing team?

Because he’s not scared. He has no fear in him [anymore]. Nothing is going to disturb him from [his mission] from here on in.

Will Desmond and Penny get their happy ending?
There’s still a chance. But if he doesn’t end up with Penny, I’m cool with that. The fans will want some resolution but I’m just going with it.

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