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lundi 19 avril 2010

Jorge Garcia Interview

Lost's Jorge Garcia on His Big Episode and the 'Heavy' Moment Yet to Come Over these six years, what was the most challenging moment you were asked to play?
Jorge Garcia: I’ve got a pretty hard moment in the finale.

Is it physically hard or emotionally hard?
It’s emotionally hard. Perhaps my heaviest moment ever.

Have you wrapped the finale yet?
No, we’re still shooting. Right now, I think we’re going until the 23rd or the 24th, and I think that’ll be the real ending.

Have Damon and Carlton been on set for it, now that there’s no more episodes to break and write?
They have been, twice this past week. It’s kind of a thing that happens at the end of the season. A lot of times, they’ll come out and tell us what happens in the secret scenes that we don’t get in our scripts. We have our scripts for the finale missing the final act, and when you’re with them, they’ll pull you aside and say, “OK, here’s what happens in the final act.”

So they just tell you to reserve that day and you won’t know what you’ll be doing until the last minute?
I have a scene that I’m shooting tomorrow that I got the pages for yesterday. It was great because I knew I had that scene for a week and I hadn’t gotten the script for it, and then I was in the makeup trailer and I saw that somebody in the makeup department had left the scene there. I snatched it and read it and then when I got my script, I saw on the last page it said, “This page is only for producers, director, and actors in the scene to read.” The scene actually continued past what I’d read in someone else’s copy, and it was kind of fun to be in the know that time, because I haven’t ever been in a secret scene before.

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