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mardi 27 avril 2010

French Pop Band Inspired by LOST

It's amazing how LOST inspires many fans around the world. One of those huge LOST fans are musicians from a French band called 1973. For all of you who speak French you can watch in video below ( 2:20min mark) members of the band saying how they are huge fans of the show, and the song is about season 2, Sawyer's lyrics to Kate.

The song is called "We're Nowhere". Many thanks to 1973 band for sending the lyrics of the song.

We are nowhere
(Thibaut Barbillon, Nicolas Frank, Jérôme Plasseraud)
© blonde music

waking up today
looks like day after day
hey, I love your way
a new day everyday

playing it as a saying
in May, come what may
if you sway my way
it is ok to stray

waking up to you
to your smile, to your rules
waking up I do
feel it’s right, feel it’s new

flowers in your hair
and your stare, through the air
cliches in the waves
make it okay to call
you Kate…

what is it to say
“there’s a way, a getaway” ?
don’t you get away
we are nowhere, let us stay

walking in the sand
things make sense, and I sense
you should make today
the day we stray away

You can find and purchase 1973 songs on Amazon:
*The band's official website which features their blog, as well:
*Twitter account: backin1973
*MySpace: 1973
*Facebook : loveis1973

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