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mardi 13 avril 2010

Casting News

Latest from Fancast - Julie Bowen Won't Be Back

Cindy, Charlotte, Fisher Stevens… ‘Lost’ seems to be bringing back everybody this season. Who else is coming? – George
It has been a parade of familiar faces as ‘Lost’ counts down its final episodes – this week’s Hurley-centric outing “resurrects” Michael and Libby – but one person you won’t see again is Jack’s wife Sarah. Though there was speculation that Julie Bowen sneaked in some ‘Lost’ lovin’ when ‘Modern Family’ filmed in Hawaii last month, she assures me, “That’s just a rumor. I would have loved to have done more for ‘Lost’ – I’m a huge fan of the show – but…” it was not meant to be. As such, it’s looking like the mother of Sideways Jack’s son is Juliet. “No, it’s not!” Bowen rebuts, getting a bit possessive. She then grumbled under her breath, “Jack, that bastard!”


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