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mardi 20 avril 2010

Video : another behind the scene for episode 6x13

thanks my friend SL LOST for the head up
Then we (I shared the visit with The TVShowGirl) were escorted uphill, where a scene from tonight's episode was being filmed, and there we saw familiar faces: Locke (Terry O'Quinn), Jack (Matthew Fox), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Sun (Yunjin Kim), Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) and Cindy (Kimberley Joseph). The children and the teddy bear were also there, and since there was little dialogue, none of it really made any sense. How had this group of castaways ended up together with Smocke, we wondered?

Well, if you watched last week's episode, you know that Richard (Nestor Carbonell) is leading one faction in one direction and Hurley is leading another group in a different one.

The TVShowGirl and I thought that seeing the Temple up close was, in the words of Hurley, "awesome, dude." But even more awesome was listening to O'Quinn sing and play the guitar during a break and having him pull out his Locke knife and cut us a piece of passion fruit.

Sadly, you won't see O'Quinn's musical performance on this video (didn't want to intrude on his artistry), but here's a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a brief moment in tonight's episode. Don't worry. There are no spoilers here, but there is one blooper.

source : LA times

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