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dimanche 25 avril 2010

Wrap party infos and pictures

Update 04-27-2010 01:28Am: more pics added

TiffBenedict #LOST Party was @KahalaResort. Low key, DJ & dancing. Very casual. Snagged a photo and a drink with Josh

TiffBenedict Matt Fox was very sweet, quiet. This was at the end of the night. #lost Everyone was sitting outside by the ocean

TiffBenedict Jorge was very sad about #LOST wrapping. Said he was glad Season 6 was over but that he would totally do Season 7. Folks were crying :(

TiffBenedict Was talking to Terry O @ party & someone came up behind me, startled me. Was M. Emerson in full suit,bowtie, & spectacles. No pic tho #lost

source : @twitter TiffBenedict


Update 11:50Am :
one pic with Evi and we can see it was a wig :) thanks Samy10 from Outlaws forum for the head up

source : @twitter TiffBenedict


Update 09:50Am : more pics added thanks @twitterMchlEmrsnNews for thehead up

source : myspace


Big thanks Matthew Morici for the pics and infos about the event

Dude, evangeline lilly chopped her hair super short, still super hot

Morning Hawaii, feel like a million bucks. Sorry guys, I didn't get a picture of Evi's new hair, but it's bound to come out sooner or later

Talked to Jack Bender, Henry Ian Cusick, Matthew Fox, & Michael Emerson. Honestly Foxy was really nice, just too scared to ask 4 a picture

source : @twitter wopsican

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