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vendredi 9 avril 2010

From Ausiello

'Lost' exclusive: Who's Ben's new [spoiler alert]?
by Michael Ausiello

Leave it to Lost to save Ben’s knottiest twist for last: Sources confirm to me exclusively that next month, the show’s enigmatic puppeteer will find himself mixed up in a most unlikely romance.

“It comes out of nowhere,” says one insider, declining to reveal whether Cupid strikes Ben on the island or in the “sideways” world. “I don’t think anyone will see it coming.”

Then again, as Lost speeds toward its May 23 series finale, it has started to seem as if Cupid is targeting just about everyone. Last week, there was Desmond-Penny’s swoonworthy follow-up to Season 4’s “The Constant,” and next week’s Hurley-centric outing features the return of Cynthia Watros as his ill-fated crush, Libby.

Of course, with great love comes even greater heartbreak. I hear there’s an episode late in the season that will go down as one of the show’s deadliest ever.

Think you know the identity of Ben’s mystery lover? Speculate away in the comments! (And yes, this is the surprise coupling I teased in this week’s Ask Ausiello.)


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