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mercredi 28 avril 2010

Henry Ian Cusick Interview

Talking 'Lost' with Henry Ian Cusick
It's been a rough few days for "Lost" fans, what with the lack of a new episode and the mounting anticipation/dread of the whole thing coming to an end.

But here's something that may pick up your spirits: an extended Q&A with none other than Desmond Hume, aka actor Henry Ian Cusick. He has lots to say -- about why he wasn't in that much discussed cast photo, the mysteriously leaked call sheet and how it felt to officially wrap the show last weekend after four-plus seasons of playing everyone's favorite "brotha" man. (He also confirms, without saying much else, that -- SPOILER!! -- he is indeed in the show's final scene.)

Cusick chatted with me via telephone Monday night from Hawaii, where, due to the time difference, he was en route to pick up his three sons from school. ("I've never done one driving before," he confessed about this interview. "Is that all right?" Of course it is, Mr. Hume.)

Here's what we discussed...

Jen: When you got the script for "Everybody Loves Hugo" and got to the point where it says, “Desmond hits John Locke with his car,” what was your reaction to that?

Cusick: I sort of figured it out quite quickly… well, my interpretation of it. I sort of knew why that was. I thought it was a little bit extreme.

I sort of thought that I had to get John Locke into a place where I was trying to wake him up. So it made sense to me. When I’m acting, I’ve always got to make it make sense to me why I do anything. Whether it’s right or wrong, I’ve just got to believe this is the reason why I am doing this and just go with it. Does that make sense?

Jen: Yeah, it does. So the notion that you were trying to wake him up, that’s something you got pretty much right away from reading it?

Cusick: I had to believe that was the reason I was doing it. There may be another reason I was doing it. But as an actor, because they don’t tell you why you’re doing things -- I figured out very early on on this show that even if you don’t know the real reason why you're doing stuff, you as an actor have to have a reason why you do things and just believe that.

Click on the link to read the rest of the interview.It contains finale spoilers.


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