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jeudi 20 mai 2010

D-4 : When I freaked out for the first time watching LOST

I'll make it short lol because the story is just funny i could say, it's true i was freaked out when Walkt was kidnapped and Sawyer shot BUT the time i was o_O and i couldn't stop to think for hours about it
it was when our losties were captured by Henry or i could say Ben, at this time we didn't know the others, they were "weird", kidnapped Claire then Walt, then wanted to kill Kate so Yes i was very freaked out when we saw Hurley frees (at first i even thought OMG he's with them lol a short moment lol like he's free and he's the big boss hell my mind can be crazy sometimes lol) so here to remember this last scene where Mike left his friends and they go "home" with mister creepy Benjamin Linus, i knew i was back to watch s3 but VERY VERY WORRY for our losties !

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