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mardi 4 mai 2010

Daniel Dae Kim Interview

Daniel Dae Kim on 'Lost' Finale: 'I Wanted to Find Some Kind of Closure'

As Lost's series finale nears (May 23), the pieces of the hit show's puzzle-filled plot are slowly coming together. And while the secrets of the final episodes are being kept under lock and key, Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin Kwon, is dropping a few hints about what's to come.

Last week, Jin and his wife Sun reunited and Lost fans rejoiced. What's it like knowing that viewers are so connected to your character?
"It's nice when someone thinks that anything I've worked on has had an impact. I think it's a testament to the strength of the show and how well everyone works together. The fact that people care about our characters says something nice about how far the journey of Jin and Sun has come because when you look at the pilot, you weren't necessarily thinking that these were characters that you're going to really care about. And the fact that people do means a lot."
Becoming the Romeo and Juliet of Lost.
"That's exactly how I like to put it. They're the Shakespearean love story and we'll see whether it's a tragedy or a happy ending."

Are Jin and Sun meant to be?
"Yes, I do think they're meant to be. I absolutely think they're meant to be. And I think there's not an ounce of doubt in Jin's mind about that."
What it's been like having to let go of Jin.
"I have to be honest, I'm still in the process. I really have grown very fond of him. It's always weird to me when actors talk about their characters in the third person, but in this case, I've lived with this character for six years so he's become a part of me. So it's going to be like a favorite suit that I won't be wearing again and that's a little bit sad."

The burning question of who, between Jin and Sun Kwon, is the "candidate."
"It's only the last name, and as far as I know there are three Kwons."

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