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jeudi 6 mai 2010

Photos and article : Vanity Fair Group Photoshoot

Lost has been one of the highest-rated TV dramas since making its debut, in 2004, with a U.S. viewing audience that has ranged from 11 million to 23 million and a greater combined number of viewers tuning in from an estimated 160 countries around the world, but with its crazy sci-fi philosophy, head-scratching supernatural elements, and impossible-to-track plotlines, it's really a cult show at heart. Die-hard fans have learned the secret handshake, while casual viewers look in from time to time and pose questions like “Wait, did that guy just turn into smoke?”

The show belongs to Damon Lindelof more than anyone else. He is the only Lost co-creator who has had a major say in every episode from the J. J. Abrams—directed pilot onward. But even though he's the man more or less in charge of this wild beast, Lindelof suffers the same anxieties experienced by Lost devotees, who wonder, as the finale approaches, how it's all going to come out.

This is understandable, when you consider that Lindelof is the one who must bring closure to a series that started off simply enough, like a fictional Survivor, only to morph into a hairy show that has made room for time travel, an alternate universe, and more romantic entanglements than you'll find on a Telemundo soap opera.

Lindelof says he dreams about Lost all the time: “The most common dream is we have produced an episode that is catastrophically bad, and we have got to figure out a way to fix it. There's a whole series of things that are very confusing to me, and I'm like, ‘Why did we even do this?’ There have also been dreams where I'm interacting with the actors, and there's a blurring of the line as to whether or not we're in the show.”

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