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vendredi 14 mai 2010

Video : Lost composer Michael Giacchino rehearses with the Lost Live orchestra

I really wish i could be there tonight :(
for everyone who go, have fun and do not use too much tissues (save it for finale series :'( )

thanks Carlton Cuse himself who tweeted about it

Composed of students from the Colburn School of Performing Arts and nine members of Giacchino's "Lost" ensemble, the "Lost Live" orchestra will perform seven songs from "Lost." Several "Lost" actors -- Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews, Michael Emerson and Nestor Carbonell -- will also participate in the program.

"For me, it's about the fact that I get to bring this to the people that allowed us to do this for six years -- the fans who are so devoted to the show," Giacchino said. "It's really something pretty special when you get to bring it to them personally like this."

On Monday night, I attended a rehearsal for the event at the Colburn School. Cuse, who came up with the idea for "Lost Live," which will benefit Colburn, also made an appearance.

"If you were to close your eyes and try to identify a television show just by the music, 'Lost' is one of the very few shows that you would be able to do that," Cuse said.

at the end you hear "Up" soundtrack (another good one from Giacchino !)

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