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lundi 10 mai 2010

From TvGuide

Maggie Grace Returns to Lost

On May 23, Lost concludes its wild six-season run with visits from characters who lost their lives to bullets, drownings and one very angry smoke monster. That includes bratty Shannon Rutherford, played by Maggie Grace, gunned down by Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) in Season 2. “As fans of our own show, seeing Shannon again was personally very important to us,” says executive producer Carlton Cuse, remaining tight-lipped to the very end as to how the dead—if they even are still dead—might be interacting with the living. “Shannon’s role in the finale is important to fortifying the theme of what it is we’re doing,” hints exec producer Damon Lindelof. “She will be bringing all her baggage.” Fortunately, life for Grace is far breezier.

You’re the last dead Lostie to make a return. What’s the best part of going back?
For me, it was like a glorious college reunion. This was my second family at age 20, so to be able to see everyone again was pretty impactful.

What was most special about going back?
Seeing how everyone’s lives have changed on a personal level, like hanging out with Josh [Holloway, who plays Sawyer], [his wife] Yessie and their offspring [1-year-old daughter Java]. It’s kind of incredible to see two of your friends put together in this tiny human being. I also took a drive in the rain along the coast where I used to live.

Have you kept up with the plot since you left?
I don’t even have a TV right now because I’m out of town so much. But we’ve always operated on the fact that it’s best to know only what your character knows and nothing more.

Did you have fun reuniting with Ian Somerhalder [who plays Shannon’s brother Boone]?
Of course. He’s based in Atlanta [where he films The CW’s The Vampire Diaries] and looked a little bit pale. He has to wear more sunscreen now than he did during our early days in Hawaii.

What can you tell us about the final days of shooting?
A whole group of us stayed up for a couple days straight shooting through the nights so we were all a little punch drunk. We had a guitar circle like old times where Naveen [Andrews, Sayid]) and Terry [O’Quinn, Locke] blessed us with their incredible vocal stylings. At one point, Ian [Cusick, Desmond] sang Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” Shockingly well I might add.

It seems we’re learning that the island won’t let its inhabitants go until it is in some way done with them. Did the finale give you a deeper understanding as to why Shannon died when she did?
I always felt Shannon died at the beginning of her transformation, so now I absolutely feel this gives Shannon a sense of closure that I did not feel before.

You play an assassin in the upcoming film “Faster.” After getting shot on Lost, that must feel pretty empowering.
Exactly. It’s like, “Take that, Ana Lucia!” Now I’m rocking my own Ruger .454.


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