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lundi 10 mai 2010

Jorge Garcia Interview

Jorge Garcia On the "Tiring ... Wet ... Perilous" 'Lost' Finale & More (VIDEO)

How could you not love Jorge Garcia? Over the past six seasons on 'Lost,' he's made us laugh, cry and crave Dharma-brand ranch dressing as the Island's most resounding voice of reason.

After last week's gut-wrenchingly good episode, Jorge gave me the dish on switching gears this week to tell a completely different story (Jacob and the Man in Black as kids!), Hurley taking charge again, his favorite 'Lost' couple, if we'll see more of Hurley and Libby before the end, who he thinks is really not safe on the Island and the big, wet, exhausting finale which made him "very satisfied."

He also refers to the off-Island "flashes" of memory as "waking up" ... several times. And then says something about wanting to "go to sleep now" in the finale. New timeline theory? Or just an interesting choice of words? Either way, it'll make Hurley fans love him even more.


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